Transmit Filters

Transmit Filters (Downlink) Example:
AWS A/B Band Tx Filter
ClearComm’s Transmit Filters provide out of band rejection with low loss in a small, cost-effective package. Manufactured to offer outdoor and indoor configurations, these Filters improve network performance in environments with a highly congested RF spectrum.

Your network performance will be optimized by removing unwanted interference from the system.  A strong Interfering signal can raise the noise floor in the Rx band by desensitizing the  receiver.  A Transmit Filter will also attenuate unwanted RF interference and remove TX spurious from the down link when interfering with other systems.

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ClearComm’s  model CCTF-206, AWS A/B Band Transmit Filter passes 2110-2130 MHz while providing 30 dB attenuation 2 MHz on either side of the passband.  The filter provides low loss in a small, cost-effective package.