GPS-Fiber Receiver

GPS-Fiber Receivers (Uplink) Example: Fiber Optic Receiver  Base Station
The design and build of GPS over Fiber systems requires an understanding of the GPS signals and levels. Receiving low level (-130 dBm) signals, and converting these signals to light and back to RF, requires high linearity and extremely low group delay. ClearComm / AMDI brings this knowledge to the commercial market with the 1478GPSFO family of products.

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The Model 1478GPSFOR Base Station consists of the Fiber Optic Receivers and a dual (redundant) power supply.  Each receiver converts the fiber optic signal from the transmitter back to RF; the RF signal is compatible with any GPS Receiver. The Base Station is available in both a dual and quad configuration. The dual receiver (two outputs) and quad-receiver (four outputs) units are housed in a standard 1U rack-mount chassis.

Fiber Optic cables connect the transmitters 1478GPSFOT Remote Unit to the receivers in the 1478GPSFOR Base Station. The 1478GPSFOT Remote Unit is described in a separate data sheet.

An optional Ethernet interface allows for remote status and alarming. The interface requires an external Ethernet switch to the computer running the AMDI graphical user interface (GUI).

Power options include -48 V DC and Power Over Ethernet (POE).