GPS-Fiber Receiver/Splitter

GPS-Fiber Receiver / Splitter (Uplink) Example: Fiber Optic Receiver Splitter 
AMDI’s GPS over Fiber system is used to bring GPS signals to locations that are too far from the antenna to accommodate RF cable losses. This method of optical signal processing eliminates the need for large coaxial cables and booster amplifiers. Systems are available in various channel configurations and power options.

The design and build of GPS over Fiber systems requires an understanding of the GPS signals and levels. Receiving low level (-130 dBm) signals, and converting these signals to light and back to RF, requires high linearity and extremely low group delay. AMDI brings this knowledge to the commercial market with the 1478GPSFO family of products.

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The Model 1478GPSFOR2 Base Station consists of the Fiber Optic Receivers and a dual (redundant) power supply. Each receiver converts the fiber optic signal from the transmitter back to RF; the RF signal is compatible with any GPS Receiver.  Each Fiber Optic Receiver board contains the Fiber Optic receiver module, a micro-controller, a Cross Band Coupler (CBC), a 2.4 GHz spread spectrum (SS) module, and a USB interface. The (combined 2.4 GHz SS and GPS) signal from the FO Transmitter is input to the FO Receiver and converted back to RF.  The RF signal is input to the CBC where the 2.4 GHz SS and GPS signals are separated.

The 2.4 GHz SS signal is input to the 2.4 GHz SS radio on the receiver board and the serial data stream (from the transmitter module) is decoded by the micro-controller. The controller constantly samples the status of the FOR. The status information from the FOT (via the cable) and the FOR is converted into a serial message that is input to the USB module.

The Base Station is available in both a various configurations. The units are packaged in a standard 3U rack-mount card cage.  Fiber Optic cables connect the transmitters 1478GPSFOT2 Remote Unit to the receivers in the 1478GPSFOR2 Base Station. The 1478GPSFOT2 Remote Unit is described in a separate data sheet.