• Covers DC to 6000 MHz
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Low PIM Device, -155 dBc
  • 100% Tested / Serialized
  • IBWave Supported

ClearComm offers custom made Low PIM Jumper Cable Assemblies in RG 401 and 402 sizes, with or without jackets (.141 and .250 diameters).  Available connectors include SMA, Type ‘N’, 7/16 DIN, 4195 MiniDIN, 4310 MiniDIN and QMA’s. Bulkhead, Flange, and Right angle connectors are available for most types.

In addition to the standard diameters and cable types shown, we can also offer customer requested cables.

Note 1 – Cables with SMA or QMA Connectors cannot be PIM rated.

Outline Drawing – Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly Numbering System:

Use Product Code, CCCA ‘-‘
Connector Code 1 ‘-‘ Connector Code 2 ‘-‘ (See Table Below)
Diameter Code ‘-‘ 141U, 141J or 250J
Length in Meters (add ‘FT’ suffix for length in feet or ‘IN’ suffix for length in Inches)

Connector Codes

Example:  3 Meter Jumper cable, 0.141diameter, Jacketed with 7/16 DIN Male and Type ‘N’ Male connectors would be CCCA-DM-NM-141J-3