Diplexers Example: 700/850 Band Diplexer

ClearComm’s Diplexers provide low-loss splitting (or combining) of separate frequency  bands.  They provide high Isolation between the bands and produce some out of band rejection.
A Diplexer is a three port, frequency selective device used to combine/separate different frequency bands.  These bands must be separated by a ‘guard band’, thus a Diplexer cannot be used to combine like frequency bands.  An example of a Diplexer might be a device that accepts 700 Band on one port and 850 band on the other with both bands on the Common Port.
A Duplexer is a  three port device that allows use of the single antenna by both transmitter and receiver. In other words, Duplexer is a device which couples the transmitter and receiver to the antenna while producing isolation between transmitter and receiver.  Both transmit and receive paths usually will have frequency bands very nearer, hence narrow band filters are used to combiner/separate these frequencies. An example of a Duplexer may be a device that accepts 1900 Band on the Common Port with 1900 Rx on one port and 1900 Tx on the other.
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ClearComm’s  model CCDP-665 Series Diplexers combine the 700 Band (698 to 787 MHz) with 850 Band (824 to 894 MHz).  This model offers an extremely low loss of 0.2 dB while providing more than 50 dB band to band Isolation.   These are available with 4.3/10.0 and 7/16 DIN Connectors.  This model is weatherized to IP-67 and has passed a 30 day Salt Fog test.